Becoming Invisible

No one noticed at first

Sloughing off, his mind

Except his wife, of course

Who had to cope as best she may

As so slowly he slipped away.

Just when he left is hard to tell

As something about his shell

Seemed it might just retain

A hint of who he once had been

But by the end, it was gone unseen.

They had cared for others, he a man of God

And raised a family and flock together

Overseas to serve, one place cold

The other hot, until their, quite overdue

Time for a  rural retirement quietude.

Short changed it was and soon confused

He took to wandering to find a church

Where he could do his pastoral duty

Then wander and wonder why he’d been

So bars on windows came on the scene.

Then drugs to ease the burden, slightly

Except by now lack of inhibition nightly

A magazine he would use to smite his wife

It wasn’t the worst thing for her to bear

‘Where is the man I love, that I now fear?’

Side effects gave a sweet tooth and theft

Of cakes when he escaped was in order

From an understanding baker down the road

Occasional respite given in a psycho ward

Among the outcasts vulnerable he’d board.

Lord alone knows how she coped, but she did.

She took it all, frail though she became

And hardly ever known to complain

Except to pray that his mind was now with God

And please not long for the rest under the sod.

Sadly In the end his kidney failed and almost

Gladly all that remained was laid in the ground

By family and those who remembered him well.

She missed him, but could not resolve

The mystery of when he really went.


This is a true story of older friends both gone now. Dementia is a family affair with the burden falling on those who themselves are becoming frail and tired.

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