The seal with the orange hat. [Part 3]

“Oh Wow! Look at that!” she said to herself, “it comes off”.

She was so excited she did a double twizzle roly-poly somersault.

She made such a big wave, the canoe wobbled and the orange hat fell into the sea.

When Solva stopped spinning and looked again, the man was peering into the water.

Solva looked too and could see the orange hat sinking down, down to the bottom of the sea.

Bad luck for the man.

Good luck for Solva.

The hat went deeper and deeper out of reach.

The man had to paddle away with the others.

Solva dived down, found the hat and quickly put it on.

It fitted, but she couldn’t do it up

She did a little test by bumping into a rock and “Yippee!”

It worked, but the hat fell off.

She put it back on, but the flappy strappy bits annoyed her.

Then it fell off, again.

What was she to do?

It sank to the bottom again.

Solva swam down.

This time she picked up the strappy bits in her mouth and put it on.

She tried a couple of double roly-poly somersaults to test it out.

It stayed on.

She felt like the most clever seal that ever there was.

A seal with an orange hat; fancy that?

She wanted to show her friends so she set off up the coast to see them.

A little way along the coast she popped up for a breather

©John Daniels 2014

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