The seal with the orange hat. [part 1]

Solva loves to play in the waves.

Best of all she likes to explore.

She loves caves and shipwrecks

The trouble is, she keeps bumping her head.

The other day she really did bang her head hard on a crusty old bell on a ship wreck when a wave made it swing.

She’d had enough banging her head and went for a good think on a sandy bit of sea bed.

All she could think of was how lucky Crusher Crab and Lucy Lobster were with their hard shell.

What was she to do?

She was in the middle of a really long thought when something tickled her whiskers and made her jump.

“OOH! What was that,” it was only Homer Houdini the Hermit Crab going by.

“Wow,” she thought, “that’s it!”

You see something always happens when she chills out.

Homer didn’t have his own shell.

He used an old left over shell for his home.

“I will have to find a big old shell or something to wear,” thought Solva.

She looked every where.

She tried Oyster shells, no good, too small.

She tried a lost lobster pot, no good, too big.

She tried an old cooking pot from the shipwreck, no good, too heavy and the handle got in the way.

She could not find anything.

It was hopeless.

She was fed up.

What was she do?

©John Daniels 2014

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