The seal with the orange hat. [Part 2]

This time with just her head bobbing out of the lovely clear, calm blue sea and enjoying the sun.

She chilled, that’s what she did.

She chilled.

She could see into the harbour she was named after.

She was born on a secret beach near by.

She could see people and families walking on the warm golden sands, some with dogs.

She could see riders on horses trotting in the cool waves.

She could see children having a wonderful time building sand castles and flying kites.

She could see walkers on the cliffs enjoying the views and the cool breeze.

She could see sail boats sailing and her favourites, canoes.

There were two colourful canoes paddling towards her.

She loved the way the paddles went up and down.

Up and down, into the sea and out again, up and down, up and down, like flippers.

She was not frightened of them getting closer and closer.

One canoe was yellow with a man in it.

He saw Solva and pointed.

The other canoe was blue had a man and a woman paddling.

They all wore orange life jackets and shiny orange hard hats on their heads.

“Oooh! They have strange orange shells on their heads. Just what I need.” thought Solva.

You see something always happened when she chilled.

The man in the yellow canoe was getting hot.

So he undid his orange hat and put it on his knees.

Solva’s eyes nearly popped out of her head.

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